Renault Un1 Albins one piece shaft + dog gear sets

Hello Gents.
I am wondering if anybody is interested in going thirds on a set of three gear sets I have ordered from Albins. Naturally I'm taking one for myself so the other two are up for here's the details:

Custom one piece shaft with Ford 1" 23 spline

Dog engagement hubs/sliders for custom 1-4th gears.

1st - 2.58
2nd - 1.82
3rd - 1.39
4th - 1.13

5th is STANDARD UN1 so use whatever you've got be it .89 .82 .76 etc, plus it utilities the standard 5th synchro set up. I requested this as my car is a daily driver and Albins could only offer 1.04.

All that needs to be done is have the two piece bearing halves on the input shaft machined out to suit the larger one piece shaft diametre. A no brainer for any machine shop with a brain.

This will convert into a standard UN1 with no modifcations(bar the bearing).

Price? $5,855 AUD. (I paid 5k for my one piece shaft with only 1st-2nd) so this is a real bargain....though price may go up a few hundred as they costed it without some custom washers/larger nut that are integral to the oversized one piece shaft.

They called me a week ago to confirm a few minor details and said the kits would be ready PRE Christmas!

Anyone interested send me a pm and I'll send all documentation/emails from Albins.

I just re read my post, I think I forgot to mention this is a HELICAL cut dog engagement it'll be streetable for sure.

Albins contacted me again yesterday and said they can make a better 1.40 ratio 3rd(20:28 tooth) instead of 1.39 (23:32 tooth). Apparently it'll be slightly larger and stronger due to the lower tooth count.

So if you want to change fast, like 200ms fast, then this is for you.