1. R

    UN1 Rod Change Reverse Gear Lockout

    Having had a look around without any luck, does anyone know where i can get a reverse gear lockout plate/mechanism. Reverse on mine is left and back. I have seen the Tornado cable mechanism, but would rather a selector guide plate incorporating a reverse gear latch of some form. Any ideas?
  2. M

    Clutch Stinkage

    I have been putting a few miles on my car. Stalling problem better after adding a Dakota GPS that talks to the ECM. Still not perfected though. A bigger issue is clutch stinkage. When in first gear or in reverse, it just has that smell. Clutch works fine and gears engage well. How do I...
  3. Dans GTD

    Dan's GTD Getting some attention

    I have been working on a GTD that was passed down to me from my dad. The car sat in his garage for about 15 years. My dad having a collection of classic Fords let this one get left behind because of frustration of the car not going into reverse and some electrical issues. I took possession of...
  4. C

    IPCW LED taillight users - backup bulb and harness?

    Hey guys - what backup bulb and connector are you using to get your reverse light functioning? I’m talking about these ones: IPCW(R) - Dodge Dakota 2010 Black/Red LED Tail Lights Thanks, Cam
  5. C

    Reverse Rotation Automatic Transaxle. Planetary gearset?

    I realize this forum is geared toward mid engine cars, and that you often discuss rear engine style transaxles being inverted for mid engine use. I want to use a transmission that would already be longitudinal mid engine friendly and use it in a rear engine applications (A VW Super Beetle)...