1. B

    Weslake Gurney Eagle Ford heads

    I have most of an original Weslake Eagle kit along with all the intake manifold variations. I do not have all of the studs and am missing the rockers ( new ones available from Cushman)and the water return manifolds, these could be fabbed or bought from cushman. This kit was bought out of Gurneys...
  2. MHNCO

    Ignition Switch?

    I am in the process of completing a new center console that includes a rocker switch for the front lift. I have been considering whether to replace the keyed ignition switch with a toggle or rocker switch. Thoughts? I suppose if one was concerned with security they could added a hidden switch in...
  3. S

    rocker panel attachments

    On the superformance cars, how are the side fiberglass rocker panels attached, at the top where the sill panel is, not just the attachment points underneath, thanks -Steve