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    Earl's Build

    So I figured it was time to start a build thread being that my son had time to post pictures for me as I'm an idiot with computers. The first thing I started was the radiator shroud. After reading a bit on here about people saying that most of the time they needed both fans on I thought that...
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    Wheels! please chime in!

    I am looking at getting a new set of wheels. Maybe keep the ones I have as an extra set or may be sell them or sell/trade for some goodies. I am looking for your help/advice. I really love the gold wheels that were on the Bailey black #2 car, those are perfect! I am deciding between those or...
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    Vintage Halibrand 6 pin wheels. Full set w/provenance

    Vintage set of halibrand 6 pin wheels used on cobras/ gt40's/Indy cars of the mid to late 60's.. this set was run in or used as back up in he 1968 Indy 500 and has USAC inspection numbers stamped on backside. Very good condition, no dings, cracks, repairs,etc. perfect for a period...
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    Quad DCOE 40s

    I'm looking at a cross over quad Weber set up for my Buick 215. It's basicly the same as the Olds Traco engine used in the original Mclaren M1a. Has anyone used this set up? I was wondering about any problems with keeping 4 carbs all in sinc & tuning. I've never had a multiple carb set up just...