1. Veek

    Steering intermediate shaft phasing

    In putting my steering rack together I decided to check on the ideal placement of the u-joints on the intermediate steering shaft. On end goes to the rack the other to the steering column. What I found are two contradictory schools of thought. The one says: STEERING U-JOINT INSTALLATION...
  2. F

    Graz Input Shaft

    My Graz is currently in the car, and I've not been able to find this info from Googling... 1. What is the OD of the input shaft (around the splines)? 2. What is the number of splines? Yep, I am swapping motors....
  3. A

    Gearbox installation

    Hi, Gearbox Installation process: 1. Checking that there are no damages at the gear unit. 2. Checking that the gear unit and the motor name plate, matches the requirements of the machine the unit is to be installed into. 3. Thoroughly cleaning the gearbox mounting surfaces that are to...
  4. M

    012 gearbox to Alfa V6

    Hi Everybody I am building a mid engine car at the moment but am having trouble with mating the gearbox an Audi 012 to the engine an Alfa 3litre V6. The alfa flywheel is too big fit inside the bellhousing. I need to use this for the starter to work. Also because the Alfa V6 is externally...