1. S

    Graziano drop gears for sale / drop gears

    I have two sets of transfer gears / drop gears for sale. The first set is .76 ratio and is designed for top speed events. They have about 800 miles in them....basically brand new $2000.00 OBO plus shipping The second set is the factory Lamborghini / Audi ratio. These are brand...
  2. mesamaui

    FS USA New GT40 VIN Plates

    The vin plates has been Sold
  3. D

    90 Degree Hinge For Sale

    I have a 90-degree rear street tail hinge that I purchased from RCR a couple of weeks ago, but have decided not to use. If you would like it for $100 plus shipping, please PM me.
  4. C

    FS USA GT-40 17" Wide BRM-Style Pin-Drive Wheels/Tires

    I wasn't sure which way to go with wheel diameter with my RCR build, so I bought both sizes. I ordered these through Vintage Wheels and had the rear 17" wheels widened from 10" to 12.5"sets. That modification alone was over $1850 for the rear wheels, the Weldcraft's widening process, and...
  5. C

    FS USA Sponsorship Decals

    (SOLD) Sponsorship Decals Historic Motorsports decals. Two sets each (total of 4 pages of decals). $30 for all 4, plus shipping from Colorado.
  6. C

    FS USA Hoosier 275/60-15 Street TD tires

    (SOLD) Hoosier 275/60-15 Street TD tires I have two of these Hoosier TD tires that were only mounted in the rear of my GT-40 once and used for mockup in my garage. See attached pic below to see how they look. They have not been on the road. I don't think shipping will cost much if they can...
  7. mesamaui

    FS USA New K&N low profile high performance air cleaner

    $200 incl us shipping Ca 92627
  8. J

    FS USA Motor Mounts

    These are brand new Energy Suspension motor mounts for SBF. Never used. New they go for $168 at Summit. Looking for $120 OBO plus shipping
  9. B

    For sale 2 CAVs GTs $110,000 AUD **SOLD**

    For sale are 2 RHD 1966 CAVs GTs #21A112/21A113M0NB66AF in as new condition as supplied from CAV in South Africa in 2006. Both units have never been on the road . Currently located in Perth Western Australia. Originally imported for test and evaluation purposes only. NOTE, BOTH UNITS MUST BE...
  10. Dreamcars

    RCR Carbon Fiber Seats For Sale

    I am offering a set of RCR Carbon Fiber Seats which came with my SLC. I have no need for them and need the space. Asking $600.00 Plus shipping, Brackets included. Location, Yardley, PA 19067
  11. Dreamcars

    Carbon Fiber Seats For Sale

    Hello Fellows, I decided to part with my RCR Carbon Fiber Seats which I received with my kit. New and unused, brackets included. Asking $600.00 for the set plus shipping. Please PM me if you are interested. Cheers
  12. M

    FS USA Aeromotive A1000

    Never used in anger. Was for fitment studies in two different projects. In original box although may not have all original fittings. I do not know what the original came with as I am the second ''owner". $100.00 + shipping