FS USA GT-40 17" Wide BRM-Style Pin-Drive Wheels/Tires

I wasn't sure which way to go with wheel diameter with my RCR build, so I bought both sizes. I ordered these through Vintage Wheels and had the rear 17" wheels widened from 10" to 12.5"sets. That modification alone was over $1850 for the rear wheels, the Weldcraft's widening process, and shipping. The front wheels are 17x8 and cost me $850, plus shipping.

The 15" wheel set won out so I have no need for the 17" set, but they do look badass from behind and will tuck in nicely with a medium hip (+2) rear clamshell. I know there are plenty of 17" fans out there, so here is a brand new set of 17x8, 17x12.5, with Kumho Ecsta XS tires (315/35 & 225/45). They have not been on the road, just in the garage and on the driveway.

The wheels are 5 pin, with a 4 3/4" bolt circle.

BTW, ordering 17's and sending them to Weldcraft to have them widened can take awhile but mine are ready to go! $3000 for the wheel and tire package, plus CONUS shipping from Colorado.


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Hi Tom,

Are there still for sale? Wondering if they may fit my CAV. They look like they are 5 pin? Can you confirm and if so, can you please tell me what the pin hole pattern is, hole pattern? Distance hole to hole?

Thanks much!
Hi Dave, they are 5 pin, with a 4 3/4" bolt circle (4 1/2" pin to pin + 1/4"). They are still available!
Thanks Tom.... I will see if I can pull a wheel this weekend to measure the offsets and the pin spacing.

Appreciate it!


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From the photos it looks like the custom widening also used pin drive/offset wheel centers that are bolted to the wheel? That being the case you could have new ones machined up for any pin pattern or to alter wheel offset to match your body dimensions.

I would assume that the centers have their own pin lugs machined in that sit in the original wheel holes to take the torque which could shear the bolts if relying on those alone.
To clarify, these 'custom' wheels were ordered from Vintage Wheels. They are the same wheels RCR uses on their GT-40s, and when 'custom' widening is requested, they are shipped to Weldcraft. Here's the link to the wide BRM 17" sets.
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Hi Phillip, the pics above show the wheels installed with a 2" flare. So a 2" or 4" would work but I wouldn't recommend using them with anything narrower than a 2" flare.
Hi Tom, I am new to the site and building my car. I would like to purchase your wheels if they are still available. Thank you.
Hi George,
Welcome to the site! Yes, still available....I will PM you in a bit, on the road at the moment.