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    not sure of correct forum to ask

    in my previous post I asked about some XE small block parts. I am trying to help an estate ID and value some items. the next piece is not a gt-40 but it is a mid engine small block ford powered racecar. tube chasis, 4spd top loader trans axle fiberglass body labeled Sutter. right now i need some...
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    How small is the SLC, pictures?

    I was wondering if you guys have any side by side pictures with other sport/exotic cars to post. On some pictures I see car appears very small. Does it look like that in person? I see the dimensions are pretty normal, it has to be the overall design that's playing games with my mind. :idea2:
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    Hemi head Chevy small block?

    Something you SL-C guys who opt for "LS" power might want to ponder: The Hemi LS: Yes, it’s Real, and it is Awesome
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    CSX 2075 and P-1080

    Hi Gt40 Forum! I would like to introduce myself. I am Tom from Munich, Germany, proud owner of Gary Kadrmas Cobra CSX 2075 and like him my dream car is a GT40. I had a big eye on #P-1080 about two years ago but my wallet was (and at the moment still is) too small. But now owning CSX 2075 I hope...