How small is the SLC, pictures?


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I was wondering if you guys have any side by side pictures with other sport/exotic cars to post. On some pictures I see car appears very small. Does it look like that in person? I see the dimensions are pretty normal, it has to be the overall design that's playing games with my mind. :idea2:
IMO the car is not small at 105” wheelbase, but it is very low compared to other mass produced sports cars at 43” tall, here are some good pics from AJ’s Build showing his SLC parked near a Corvette and Porsche...

A.J.'s SL-C build thread


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SL-C and a Lotus Elise:

SL-C and a Corvette:

SL-C in a den of Cobras:

Next to a '50s Ford wagon:
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We have a Lotus Evora. The SLC is noticeably shorter, but the SLC is wider in the cabin. In race gear, my son and are are CRAMMED into the Lotus (and this is the 'big' Lotus). The SLC is OK.

I think the SLC is easier to get in/out of. But that is largely based on how well your body bends in different places...

In person, the car looks large as it is fairly wide/long and being so low tends to make it look wider/longer.


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It seems its all about the angle. First picture looks bigger then rest, second picture with the straight shot looks smaller. Angel I believe I sent you a message on F chat.