not sure of correct forum to ask

in my previous post I asked about some XE small block parts. I am trying to help an estate ID and value some items. the next piece is not a gt-40 but it is a mid engine small block ford powered racecar. tube chasis, 4spd top loader trans axle fiberglass body labeled Sutter. right now i need some advice on where to find out what it is. is this appropriate for this forum or do you guys know of a better road race forum to ask questions. thanks Joe
I replied to you post with the info you had asked for.. You will need to go back to it. I did not keep the info after i posted.


Yes, thank you Walt though i did ask you further questions regarding those parts in that thread. this thread is about the appropriate forum to help id a non gt-40 mid engined race car that has a different SBF power plant than the XE block i posted about in the other thread