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    Nice film of the gt 40 at spa

    Thought everyone might enjoy this short film of the JD Classics GT 40 entry at Spa. Some lovely shots of the car sliding through the corners with Bruce Mclaren adding some period commentary. You might have to paste the clip to your browser to see the film. BTW, I have no affiliation with JD...
  2. 9

    The Spa "Six Hour" race meeting

    Any one else going to Spa and this glorious meeting and circuit next week ? I,m racing in the One hour race with the 917K and hoping for some better fortune this time round. Some recent issues have been sorted out, and I,m praying for dry weather, at a circuit which is famous for giving four...
  3. MHNCO


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    GT40 images of VJImages

    Hi, Some (long) time ago I already posted some images I took of the GT40's at LM Classic (2008-2010). Last year I was at the Spa Classic event and the Spa Six Hours event so I thought it might be good if I (at last) showed some of them here. I will update it with new events in 2012. Spa Six...