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    Storing bodyshell?

    I need advice on how to store the bodyshell. More specific the front and rear clips. They are currently resting on the chassi, but since i lack the extra space in my garage to simply just put them on a empty space on the floor, i need some more creative solutions. Apparently hanging them on...
  2. A

    SGT #49 build

    Hi all, So I have embarked on the build of Southern GT #49. It has been a long time in planning. Mick, of course, has been great as I work through panelling the space frame and I am now looking forward to the next bit (once I have done the cockpit and the front!
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    Tesla Car in Space!

    This is cool. You can see video of Elon Musk's personal Tesla car floating in space. Live Views of Starman - YouTube It's cool watching the reflection of the Earth move across the side of the car. Supposedly Elon Musk said that if anyone retrieves the car, they can keep it.
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    Why did I do this?

    I recall seeing a bunch of pictures at different times of uses for the compartment immediately behind the driver in the "sponsom" (if the is the correct word). And some discussions on what was done with that space. I had made some notes, and found a cover and cut a hole and having some time...
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    Aluminium Monocoque or Steel Space Frame Chassis?

    Forgive me if this subject/question has already been covered before - I'm a newbie to this forum!! I'm currently looking into a number of kits at the moment and I'm not sure whether to go with a Steel Triangular Space Frame or Aluminium Semi-Monocoque Chassis? The GT40 that I want to build...