Storing bodyshell?

I need advice on how to store the bodyshell.
More specific the front and rear clips.

They are currently resting on the chassi, but since i lack the extra space in my garage to simply just put them on a empty space on the floor, i need some more creative solutions.
Apparently hanging them on the wall is a "no-no" if you don't want warped parts (go figure, haha)
So i am instead asking how YOU did store your clips.

Current thoughts are either a wooden trolley for both clips in two levels, but that also steals some floorspace.

Other option is hoisting it up into the roof with wooden supportbeams(padded) underneath. But i am afraid of what happens if it falls off...
it probably depends a lot on what they are made from and how thick they are.
Epoxy or vinyl or polyester resin?
how thick are they. I think all up my body weighs around 100kg for all the parts. (haven't weighed them, just what I have been told an RF body weighs, and mine is done the same)

presently mine is still sitting in the moulds, which are rotated so that they are vertical.
the roof spider is hanging from the roof

I haven't fitted it so I have no idea what damage its doing.

Randy V

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I would strongly advise that you spend the time to build a supprting structure (buck) that will support the body in its proper form, paying very close attention to the centers that span the left and right sides. You would not want to have the weight of the clips resting on the bottoms of the clip (most forward point on the front / most rearward on the rear) or they will deform.
I mention all of this as I was not aware that the weight of the clips not only played well in their favor for structural rigidty, but the weight alsoworked against you. I spent probably 40 hours of work with heat gun, port-o-power, ratchet straps and supports to get the body back where it needed to be again. The Spider windshield opening was the worse.
Thanks for the quick answers.
i'll go on your advice Jimmymac, and make a wooden frame.
But i'll screw it up into the sealing.
See attached principle.

roofplates with welded in jointnuts that will work as anchors in the roof.
Then i will weld a nut onto an threaded rod and that rod will go thru the wooden frame and bolt up into the roof of the garage.
Yellow "box" is supposed to be the body.