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    FS USA Hat (Bell) Mount Rotors (RCR)

    Hat (Bell) Mount Rotors (SOLD) I have a set of four lightweight brake rotors available for US sale. These are RCRs "OEM" rotors found on the GT-40 using the Wilwood hubs. Two are brand new, only mounted in the garage for mockup, and the other two have less than 100 miles on them and are not...
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    Graziano Trans Cooler Thread Specs

    Does anyone know the thread specs on the Graziano Transaxle cooler inlets and outlets? I know what they are not - AN8 or AN6.
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    Please Help! ZF/ZFQ Shift Specs

    I need the following. Shift Specs for a ZF or ZFQ transaxle. I.E. pattern, rotation deg and travel of the shifter shaft. I know I have this info but after spending more than a day looking I'm just going to ask the people that know this stuff of the top of there heads. I've even seen the...