FS USA Hat (Bell) Mount Rotors (RCR)

Hat (Bell) Mount Rotors (SOLD)

I have a set of four lightweight brake rotors available for US sale. These are RCRs "OEM" rotors found on the GT-40 using the Wilwood hubs. Two are brand new, only mounted in the garage for mockup, and the other two have less than 100 miles on them and are not fully bedded in. The two slightly used rotors were mounted on the rear and temporarily used during the car's shakedown while I waited for a second set of Spec-37 rotors to arrive.

Here are the specs:
Rotor diameter = 11.75"
Rotor Thickness = 1.21"
Bolt Spacing = 8 x 7"
Weight per rotor = 6 lbs (light)

Selling all 4 for $100 plus shipping CONUS.


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