1. N

    UK Petition to stop Historic cars being scrapped

    Make it illegal for Historic Vehicles to be processed through scrappage schemes. - Petitions
  2. D

    Master Cylinder Sizes

    Ken made a comment on another thread that got me to thinking and researching. As near as I can determine (and I might be wrong, so please someone tell me if I'm wrong): There are three master cylinders included with the SLC kit: two with 3/4" bore (stamped ".75" on the side) and one with...
  3. Silver66fb

    Explain This Clutch/Transaxle Behavior

    Gents, I have an SPF40 Mark II, with Roush 427SR, Quaife transaxle. I'm using the Quartermaster release bearing (721100 model), from Olthoff. When I really get on the accelerator and while the rpms are relatively high, I have trouble getting the car out of gear with the clutch pedal all the...
  4. MHNCO

    My kind of fuel stop