Master Cylinder Sizes

Ken made a comment on another thread that got me to thinking and researching.

As near as I can determine (and I might be wrong, so please someone tell me if I'm wrong):

There are three master cylinders included with the SLC kit: two with 3/4" bore (stamped ".75" on the side) and one with 7/8" bore (stamped ".88" on the side).

One 3/4" cylinder is supposed to be connected to the front brakes.
One 7/8" cylinder is supposed to be connected to the rear brakes.
One 3/4" cylinder is supposed to be connected to the clutch.

If the 7/8" cylinder is connected to the clutch, there is a risk of damaging the clutch, especially if the clutch stop is not set.

To set the clutch stop, raise the back end of the car and with the engine off and in gear and with the help of an assistant, find the point of clutch deployment at which the rear wheel can be rotated by hand, then add 1/4" more and set the clutch stop to that point. In other words, pressing the clutch pedal should fully disengage the clutch, plus an additional 1/4" of pedal movement for good measure.

It appears I have been driving for the last 100 miles with the wrong master cylinder connected to the clutch and no clutch stop. Hopefully no damage has occurred . . .

If the above is correct, it might be a good thing to include in the assembly manual?
The assembly manual has exactly those instructions re the correct MC sizes, as well as a detailed discussion of how and why to set the clutch limit stop.

Perhaps you don't have access to the current manual?

For all SLC builders, the only official manual is the online one, accessible from the Superlite Cars page (click on the Login menu item from the home page). It's updated frequently.

If you don't have a login for it, contact the factory to get one- it's free. :)