1. AllanSLC

    Race Tail wing uprights

    Does any one have a set of race tail wing uprights that I could "borrow" for a couple of months so that I can finish up an SL-C? Please PM me if you can spare them for awhile. Thanks, Allan
  2. M

    Race Tail Body Mounting

    Been staring at this for a while and can't quite figure it all out. I have an SL-C with a race tail and was looking to see if someone has some pictures of the mounting of the diffuser and the hinging of the tail. My diffuser brackets are back ordered and I don't have any hinges or brackets for...
  3. actvpwr

    GT40 Tail Lights

    I found out the hard way years ago when I was prepping 1076 for Monterey. I backed it out of the shop and caught the wheel of the dumpster with the tail light in the parking lot. Ran all over So Cal looking for a replacement Tail Light lens for the one I just pulverized. That's when i found out...