1. gsharapa

    GT40 Trailer Unload

    Bought a new Mission all aluminum trailer for my GT40 and took the car to the Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet/Event in San Marco, Texas. Running the Texas Hill Country with 135 Cobras was a blast for 4 days. Here is a video unloading my GT40 at the event. Unloading GT40 at Texas Cobra Club Meet...
  2. C

    Registration/VIN in Texas

    Hi: I am in Houston, Texas, and a new Superformance GT40 MKII I have coming should be ready for the road in several months. Right now I am in the process of putting together my notes on how to register and insure the car into an outline, of sorts, so I don't mess it up. Something I have...
  3. F

    Shipping an SLC kit

    Hey guys, Looks my SLC is ready to come home to West Texas but I am having a hard time finding transport. Quotes have been in the 1200 to 1500 range , but I was quoted weeks from now. I guess the Detroit to Texas route is not very common. Thanks for any leads you may have
  4. blueovalz

    Texas doesn't like specialty cars?

    Seems Texas is being a bit inconsistent with its Less Big Government philosophy, as well as practicality. jalopnik.com/texas-is-revoking-titles-from-dune-buggies-and-kit-cars-1820177474
  5. Big-Foot

    Hurricane Harvey - Now a Category 4

    I hope you all in the gulf states (particularly Texas) listen to the officials and evacuate when asked.... Stay safe and please check in when you can!
  6. J

    New Member From N. Texas

    Hello, I've been checking this forum out for some time. Decided I better get on here and do a formal introduction. I'm from N. Texas DFW area and am currently considering the following projects. Hopefully hanging out here with some of you will push me in the right direction. Factory Five 33...
  7. 5

    Calling all GT40s in DALLAS

    Hello Forum, Are there any other GT40's in Dallas? Does anyone want to get together for lunch or Cars and Coffee? Let me know who's around. Perhaps we can get a group together and drive or something. Jack
  8. M

    Superformance GT40 questions... need help :)

    Hi everyone, We've been thinking about buying a Superformance GT40. Here are some questions that we couldn't find answers to online: 1.) How much would it cost to have the car shipped (we live just north of Dallas)? 2.) Would we have to pay a gas guzzler tax? (Is the car qualified as a...