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I've been checking this forum out for some time. Decided I better get on here and do a formal introduction. I'm from N. Texas DFW area and am currently considering the following projects. Hopefully hanging out here with some of you will push me in the right direction.

Factory Five 33 Hot Rod

This would be my first kit car build but not my first project. I've had too many to mention in one post ranging from dune buggies to drag cars. Currently I'm also building and driving a long travel supercharged Tacoma but have the urge to have a go fast go real fast ride. Turning 40 in a few months and would like to celebrate it by building something special.

- John Verdier
Welcome John!
I know of a RCR-GT40 and a FFR '33 in the North Texas area. I'm sure either of those guys would show you their cars.

Whatever you choose, it's a great project to do.

There are several owners, builders, and other interested parties in the DFW area that get together periodically. You just missed a tour of my build progress. Send me your email address.

Bob Woods
Tornado GT40 in Texas
Welcome John....Lots of Cobras in DFW and also a few GT40s. Cobra group meets the first Saturday of every month for lunch (breakfast in hot summer months) so you could see all kinds of Cobras. Their annual Texas Cobra Club event in San Marcos is coming up the last weekend in March and there are 130 cars registered. They hang out on

There will be some GT40s and Daytona Coupes there as well. I have a CAV GT40 and you are welcome to come by anytime and see it. I live in Frisco. There is guy in Houston with a RCR GT40 roller that includes all the parts plus transaxle that want to sell so might be something for you to consider and be ahead of the game....

Rick Merz

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Welcome John, if you would like to take a look at a RCR GT40 you are welcome to stop by and check mine out. I am almost ready for the "first start". I live in North Richland Hills, pm me and I will send you my contact information.

Rick Merz
Thanks for the warm welcome. Rick Merz you can expect a pm from me in the next few days. Dr. Bob Woods was gracious enough to let me stop by and check his awesome build out. We were practically neighbors. It's a small world as they say. Thanks again and I look forward to talking to and eventually meeting some of you.