1. soulcoaxer

    Things You Never Knew You Didn't Know . . .

    GO HERE: Things You Never Knew You Didn't Know
  2. Howard Jones

    Interesting hood vents

    I found these hood vents surfing. Many different models. Might be of interest for lots of home built things. Not crazy $ either. Home page
  3. T

    GT40 experience England

    I almost quit my GT40K build today when I read you can not weigh more than 20 stone to do the GT40 drives in England. It took a while I am 6 feet 0" tall shortest of my 13 cousins in Ireland and as it turns out I am 16 Stone or stones which ever is correct. I didn't realize that the 40 could not...
  4. M

    Project Plan

    Since this is about an RCR GT40 kit build, I will put this in this forum. OK, I can start by admitting that I have on occasion been accused of being too project focused, with that said, has anyone every put together a “project plan” for an RCR build? I of course have RCR’s manual and Chuck...
  5. Ron Earp

    Editing Enabled for Select Forums

    It is now possible to edit your posts in the following forums: Build Logs RCR/SLC Wings Keels and Things Go forth and fix your broken picture links if you wish and/or are able.
  6. F

    Aero owners & soon to be owners

    Starting a thread for Aero owners and soon to be owners. Anyone taken delivery of their Aero yet? What has your experience been with setup and other aspects of the car? I know there's one owner for a fact as he and fran ran down at road ATL back in March. I ordered mid feb and am waiting on...
  7. R

    Knock Knock

    Unfortunately, this is not the start of a joke thread! While driving around the other day, I developed a pretty nasty mechanical knocking that started low and progressed much louder over just a couple of miles. Engine sputters and lurches, but I have not lost fluids or noticeably blown anything...