Things You Never Knew You Didn't Know . . .

Chris Kouba

Had the pleasure of passing through the Wave this spring... horrible place to have to spend some time:

Pretty similar to your first picture, but different...:


Robert S.

GT40s Supporter
You are one of the very few who reported being there. What a difference with the water and the miniature waves created by the wind. Thanks for sharing. Soulcoaxer

Chris Kouba

You are one of the very few who reported being there.

On the days for which we applied, on average, there were about 2600 other people also applying for the lottery.

We got six (max group size) of the permits for our day of entry(!). We were incredibly lucky to get all of us in on the first try.

Chris Kouba

Other pics from same trip:

Best of UTAZ 2018 - Google Photos

3 days on the Colorado
4 days in the Grand Staircase/Escalante watershed
1 day at the Wave (Coyote Buttes)
1 day at Zion

Along for the whole journey were my wife and my dad, and we were joined for the Escalante by two friends, and another joined for the Wave as well. What a trip, what an area!