1. Callaghan

    Throttle cable length

    Stock Superformance throttle cable length is 121" Sleeve length with threaded ends is 104" Peddle box end is a clovis type cable is 1/16" thick I looked everywhere for these measurements and couldn't find them so here they are for posterity... Don't be stupid like me and keep...
  2. PeteB

    Source for custom wiring harness?

    Well, I talked to my tuner today and the problem I'm having with my throttle is most likely a bad wiring harness. So I'm thinking instead of ripping out the entire GM engine harness, maybe I could just replace the wires from the ECU to the pedal and to the throttle body. Anyone know a good...
  3. J

    Holley throttle pump daphram

    Hi all I have a new Holley 600 . been on my engine about 6 months . not used it much . Still waiting for IVA . my question is the pump diaphragm has been leaking . I replaced it yesterday and its still leaking . Should I put a sealant on it ? I know it came without sealant . I will get in...
  4. H

    H Craft GT-R, Jared's build.

    Jared's GT-R, build by H Craft Customs. GM LT4 power Graziano transaxle. Options coming, Trunk, Power steering, Carbon fog lights, Tail lights, Hinged trunk and Engine cover, Tuck roll hoop into A pillars, Wheel arches, Rear bumper, and Carbon Head light buckets. First task is to...
  5. PeteB

    Ground wires on GM harmess

    With the throttle issues I'm having, thought I'd check the grounds on the GM harness. Manual says there are three, but I can't find them. Anyone know where on the harness they are?
  6. PeteB

    Help! Throttle position sensor error

    So I'm 100 miles from home at a car show . 7 miles from the show the check engine light comes on and no response to the throttle. Reads code 1238. I let it sit for a while and tried restarting the engine. No check engine light, throttle works fine. I'm a bit concerned about driving all the way...
  7. D

    GTD throttle cable re-routing

    Hi all, I'd like to re-route the throttle cable on my car so that it comes over the front of the engine to the carb. Currently the cable runs down the right hand sill and up near the exhaust system to the carb. I'm hoping in doing this that I'll have a smoother action from a shorter cable and...