1. F

    new in gt40 world

    Hi I'm new in this forum, and I 'm looking for all gt40 informations. In order to buy one in next months .. sorry for English, i'm French .. :thumbsup:
  2. soulcoaxer

    It Be Bout Soulcoaxer . . . Babysitter & School

    :laugh: Soulcoaxer's First Babbysitter' And :thumbsup: Why Soulcoaxer Was Never Late For School
  3. 5

    SPF Mk II ON Petrolicious

    SPF Mk II on Petrolicious Fantastic car, fantastic video! :thumbsup:
  4. T

    Barett Jackson just sold a 2011 SL-C - anyone here?

    Apparently there were 2 for sale there - a 2011 purple with black stripe sold there for $ 115k. :thumbsup: Just curious to see what all options it had. Is anyone familiar with it?
  5. A


    Hi, I am relatively new to this community but have learned a lot in a short space of time and gaining from the huge amount of information here and hopefully help others along the way. :thumbsup: Thanks.
  6. S

    Flat Plane Crank Engine

    I have been in contact with a gentleman that has been working on a flat plane crank kit for v8s. Im not sure if it is legit or not. It is way way out of my engine budget price range. I thought maybe it's not for others. It is called SCG's Flat Fast Technology. He has a few youtube videos...
  7. K

    Never get tired of seeing this:

    Race Engine Porn.....:thumbsup: