1. W

    Snap-on Timing light help

    Has anyone here got a Snap on Timing light number MT2261A ( the computerized Tach / advance unit ) Mine broke today and I found the cables to the Spark Lead pickup unit had disconnected at the pick up. As usual I took it apart, repaired the cables then forgot how it went together !! Can...
  2. P

    Graz clutch replacemnt

    I am starting a new thread about my clutch replacement. I started a new thread rather than muck up Johns group buy thread. I replaced the stock clutch that came with the Graz transaxle from RCR. I pretty much only drive my car on the track (about 97% of my 4000 miles on the car are track...
  3. JBurer

    Seats, Dash Unit and Carbon Fiber Shifter Tunnel

    With the car sold, I don't have any need for: - OEM seats (new style, standard size) - Digidash - the dash unit the SLC binnacle was designed to fit - Carbon Fiber interior shifter tunnel If interested in any of these, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks! John
  4. A

    Gearbox installation

    Hi, Gearbox Installation process: 1. Checking that there are no damages at the gear unit. 2. Checking that the gear unit and the motor name plate, matches the requirements of the machine the unit is to be installed into. 3. Thoroughly cleaning the gearbox mounting surfaces that are to...
  5. M

    Steering column and AC questions

    Just getting started pulling things apart, but wanted to see how a couple things fit leading to a few questions: 1. I ordered my kit with the Vintage Auto Air system and the under dash unit I received is different than the pictures in the manual. I managed to rotate the bottom fitting as...
  6. Veek

    Tridon LED03 Flasher

    After installing the signal lamp LEDs, I've decided the load resistors get a bit too hot for my comfort level in the front clam shell. So I'm looking for a replacement flasher unit that is LED compatible so I can dispense with the resistors. Trindon, who made the old flasher, markets the LED03...