Steering column and AC questions

Just getting started pulling things apart, but wanted to see how a couple things fit leading to a few questions:
1. I ordered my kit with the Vintage Auto Air system and the under dash unit I received is different than the pictures in the manual. I managed to rotate the bottom fitting as described, but the heater inlet and outlet are on the far right side rather than the left side as in the picture in the manual and result in the pipes hitting the firewall in the passenger footwell so the unit can't be raised into position. Has anyone run into this issue? Is my unit incorrect or is this a new change that requires some other modifications (hope this is not the case). Picture is attached below.

2. Does anyone know what specific vehicle the column comes out of? The manual indicates it is a tilt/telescope GM unit, but mine doesn't telescope so not sure what it is. I also have no hardware to attached the plastic trim to the column (must be metric as it is not 8-32, 10-32, 10-24 or 1/4") so if someone knows the size I could pick those up.

3. I did get the lever for the tilt mechanism, but it fractured at the connection point the first time I tried to tilt the wheel (looks like a defective casting) so need to get one of those so need to know what the column is from.

4. Last column issue is that the plastic cover is hard against the aluminum cross brace precluding the column from moving when the bolts are tight. Has anyone had to trim this piece? I am using the spacers put in by the factory and the column is as installed when received.

Hopefully someone can help on these items.



Not a simple answer, but I have the same vintage unit. I sweated 180 turns on the copper tubes to support the ingress and egress location for my heater tubes. Some have simply cut the tubes and created a new bead on the ends. How you route your heater hoses will dictate the solution. Vintage did us no favors when they put everything on the right side. My build blog may give you some ideas.

My column came form Oldsmobile. I had to trim the plastic cover on top to stop it from hitting the top brace. Mine screws direct to the column with no additional hardware. I don't have the screw sizes at the moment.

If it will help, hit me with an email and I will gladly send you some pictures. Time to hunker down.


Ron McCall

The top of the cover is held on with a few self tapping screws ( or you can tap the plastic pins to 10-24 without drilling) then the bottom cover is held on with two short M5x.80 screws.

Thanks Dan. Will take a look at your pictures. Been years since I sweat pipe but....

Thanks Ron. I did the 10-24 trick and now will grab some metric screws.

Now I just have to track down a lever for the tilt.

Will be working some this weekend while I wait for Irms.
Credit goes to Dan for this info on the lever:
The part number is GM 10271070. I sourced it from SMC Performance and Auto Parts Auburn Hills Mi. "

Thanks Dan!
Thanks Cam and Dan. I looked on line today for the lever and found a part number I thought was it - stopped by the local Chevy Dealer and saw it wasn't. Will order this one now I know the number.
Got the hardware for the plastic cover.
Was going to work some more this weekend but have to put the car on hold for the hurricane. The garage is full of stuff with no room to work right now. The last storm track has Hurricane Irma coming less than a mile from both my house and the place where I store my other cars and my parts. Everything is inside except my trailer - hope it doesn't blow away Sunday. Looks to be an interesting weekend.
Came up with another AC question that perhaps someone can help with. I have the Vintage air kit and it came with two heater control valves - 1 vacuum controlled and 1 electrical. I think we use the electric but wanted to be sure. Also, on the harness that plugs into the electrical valve is a black rectangular panel. Not sure it is or where it goes, but if someone could help on that I would be grateful. Picture is below of all of the parts.


Mike. This isn't going to help one bit. Those two parts must be a vintage 2015 unit did not have them. To control the hot water flow those of us with an LS engine utilized a four way control valve to regulate hot water to the evaporator.

That flat box is an interesting unit.....??????
Did some research. The black square thing is some sort of processor to control the heater. Don't believe it has a thermal sensor so should be able to mount it anywhere. I think the vacuum valve is spare parts