1. mesamaui

    FS USA New GT40 VIN Plates

    The vin plates has been Sold
  2. mesamaui

    FS USA RCR40/ T70 Wheel Hubs new Front and Rear

    Has been sold
  3. R

    nostril panel wanted

    looking to buy nostril panel in USA does anyone have a supplier for this part in USA?
  4. Dwight

    FS USA Chrome Dzus fasters

    I have six new chrome plated 5/16 shank self ejecting DZUS faster for sale. I had to go with longer Dzus. $60 for all six. I will ship with in continental USA for $10. Dwight Frye email me at [email protected] for pictures or questions. Thanks
  5. Big-Foot

    Equifax Data Breach - largest data breach ever!

    This is huge for all people in the USA Massive Equifax Data Breach Could Impact Half of the U.S. Population - NBC News
  6. M

    Where to find Tillett seats?

    Where are you guys buying Tillett B5's? Tillett USA is backordered. I found a UK place that will ship pretty reasonably, but wondering if there's a better source in the USA. Thanks!
  7. B

    FS USA G50/50-2 for sale

    Available for sale is a G50-50/2 short tail (1989 Turbo box) Transaxle was modified by California Motor Sport (receipt on request) Complete tear down and rebuild New Syncro’s Billet side covers, Billet shift forks 1-2 and 3-4 Wavetrac locking diff Internal spray bar My cost over 13k...