1. P-nut

    New canards

    It's winter, and the driving season for this year is still months away. So this is the time to get a couple of things done on the SLC. One task was to install these carbon fiber canards on the car. Ed helped out and we got them installed in about 2 hours. It would be half that time for the...
  2. gsharapa

    Thank You CAV!

    Just a quick post to say "Thank You" to Jordi and Candice at CAV in South Africa for helping me get a new windshield and molding! I had a stone hit the windshield a couple months ago right at the rear view mirror mount and a month later my rear view mirror was sitting in my passenger seat with...
  3. K

    The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame..

    What does it mean? It sounds like some kind of cheap scam to me but others may have a different point of view...