1. J

    White Americans

    Out of the Pit Dog Fighting in Chicago pitbull documentary) - YouTube These people -- white Americans -- are some depraved sick assholes. I tend to like dogs more than people and this sickens me. I couldn't watch the whole thing. They have two dogs fight each other.
  2. MHNCO

    White Privilege

  3. J

    SPF white gelcoat

    i have SPF GT40 Mk2 P2116 and have a scratch. about 5 in. long on rear shell thru Gelcoat. rough edges. i'm assuming this is gelcoat. is there a number or code for white on this car? local boatyard gellcoat repair expert guy asks. thanks
  4. D

    Choosing color for gt40 MKI

    Hi Guys, new to this forum, but long time reader, i am a bit of a american Muscle car collector and my latest project is the MKI GT40, i have just completed the build and ready for registration. its an RF GT40. for the last 2 years i have always been sure of the color scheme i wanted. but now...