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    Power & Tires

    Can these cars handle 600=hp? Trans, half axles, frame? I have a 2005 CAV. Looking at 13" wide rear tires. What can break if not equipped correctly?
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    Cav gt40

    Just bought my 1st 40. Looking for tires. I have 15" rims, and I am looking to go wide rear to handle the 600hp. Will the 295 Avon tires grab? Mounted on a 12" wide rim? Any help is appreciated.
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    Rear tire size question and 2"/4" flares......

    I was looking at RCR's web site and saw that you can order your body with no flares, 2" flares, or 4" flares. It seems that, if going with 15" wheels, the front tire size is pretty fixed at a 225 wide tire. I was just wondering what the different tire sizes that'll fit with the stock body...
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    Super wide tyres

    Anyone have any pics of a wide body GT40 rear, running Avons (and know the tyre size)? Trying to decide between 15.0/26.0-15" and 14.0/27.0-15"... Thanks in advance.