Super wide tyres

Anyone have any pics of a wide body GT40 rear, running Avons (and know the tyre size)? Trying to decide between 15.0/26.0-15" and 14.0/27.0-15"...

Thanks in advance.


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I am running Goodyear Eagle 27.0x14x16 on my ERA wide body and can get a photo that will show what the car sits like with a 27" dia. tire.

I know a few wide body Pantera folks running the Avons in those sizes, with positive feedback. Roger Kraus Racing will hand cut an historic pattern tread in them.

Not sure on Frank's reference to not driving?
Thanks Julian. I spoke with Roger Kraus Racing last week, but will be sourcing them through BMTR in the UK. A side shot of your ERA would be great. What size fronts are you running?

I think Frank is referencing that those sizes on a GT40 are a little extreme, particularly prone to aquaplaning in the wet. My car is comical in every way, so It's getting the extreme wheel and tyre combo to finish it off!


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Thanks Julian. I bet there aren't too many GT40s running 16" wheels. Looks solid!
It's an ERA anomaly, they are 15" centers mated to 16" hoops. I actually had a set of 15" custom fabricated by Vintage Wheels thinking 16" tires would be impossible to come by, turned out by a stroke of luck they were easier to find than 15"!