1. B

    Gt40 parts ??!!

    Hello i am looking for a supplier serious for gt40 parts : door handles and later a windshield (windscreen ? ) for KVA gt40. Do you know someone please ? Thanks
  2. G

    SLC Windshield

    I am looking for a SLC windshield. Not the lexan. Any leads would be appreciated.
  3. B

    Need Help Identifying Windshield / Frame

    Hi All! I’ve got a GT40 replica in our shop with a plastic windshield, and I’m trying to locate a DOT glass windshield, so that we can inspect it as a street car for a customer. The car is a 10” longer version of the GT40, and was originally built by Lone Star in Texas, but I think they only...
  4. gsharapa

    Thank You CAV!

    Just a quick post to say "Thank You" to Jordi and Candice at CAV in South Africa for helping me get a new windshield and molding! I had a stone hit the windshield a couple months ago right at the rear view mirror mount and a month later my rear view mirror was sitting in my passenger seat with...
  5. C

    1967 GT40 Mk4

    Hi does anybody know what the 2two yellow circles above the 2 windshield corners meant ? on the J5 chassis 67 lemans 24 winning car
  6. D

    windshield wiper arm and blade

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone is using a windshield wiper arm and blade ? If so what did you find that works just hoping to save myself a bunch of time searching for a good fit if someone has the dope on it. Thanks, Grant