1. manta22

    Electronic turn signals

    Some time ago I was wiring a car and I wondered why I did not find an electronic solution to turn signals and flashers. Some digital logic, an astable timer, two relays, and a handful of small components can do the job. Any good technician can lay out this circuit on a small printed circuit...
  2. M

    Wiring fans to both come on for AC or Engine

    Tried searching the forum with no luck :( I'm wiring both fans to come on for AC and/or engine temp. I was just going to do this by running both powercell fan outputs to a single relay that in turn powers both fans. Is this a logical approach? Any better (more simple) options? Do I need to...
  3. S

    wiring question

    On the rear harness there is a brown wire with black stripe that is for engine temperature to run the fans (I have the wiring diagram from Blas, just not with me right now) is this sensing temperature from an engine block temp probe or a coolant temperature sensor located in the intake manifold...
  4. PeteB

    Source for custom wiring harness?

    Well, I talked to my tuner today and the problem I'm having with my throttle is most likely a bad wiring harness. So I'm thinking instead of ripping out the entire GM engine harness, maybe I could just replace the wires from the ECU to the pedal and to the throttle body. Anyone know a good...
  5. C

    FS USA Power Wiper Kit

    Its a Snap! Brand new, never used, wiper kit includes wiper motor, wiring, switch, wiper transmissions which fits common sized wiper arms, and aluminum tubing for housing the drive cable. This came with the RCR GT-40 parts. Max dimensions: 37 L x 6 W x 6 D + Heavy Duty Wiper Motor + Wiring...
  6. M

    Adding the Clutch Pressure Switch to the Wiring

    I am wondering how do you add the clutch pressure switch to the Infinity Wiring? I saw no mention of it in the information sent with the Infinity kit.
  7. M

    Wiring Connectors - Need Recommentation

    Hello, I did a few searches and looking at some posts, found different recommendations (WeatherPack, Allied, Tyco, Deutsch). Many of the posts were a few years back and suffered from broken links and/or the picture hosting problem. I am going to start some wiring, and would like to have a...
  8. B

    MKI and MKII Wiring Diagrams

    For those of you who have not yet purchased a copy of our MKI or MKII Wiring Diagram. I had a large print job of assorted diagrams done and had 5 GT40 diagrams included in the bunch. I am offering a $10 discount on those 5 copies to anyone in need of a copy for their car or just some wall art...
  9. S

    Wiring harness question.

    My buddy wants to sell me a 21 circuit wiring harness with fuse box from a hot rod project he never finished. Is a 21 circuit harness enough for a GT40? I will be running electric radiator fans of course, electric fuel pump, electric oil pump and possibly electric oil cooler fans.
  10. A

    Wiring system with Pager Alarm "New" ISIS System $559

    I will take the $559 for this complete ISIS wiring and alarm system. Plus Shipping..... Comes with everything you will need to wire up your car. Computer interface system....Perfect for the guy using electronic injection. 503-568-8344 Allen Or PM me for questions and shipping cost.