1. C

    New Transaxle Option?

    The new 2020 rear engine Vette looks to have a new transaxle option. Its a ways off but should be designed to handle 500+BHP. Tremec, paddle shift only Oh, did we not mention the transaxle? (Note that we used the singular form of the word.) There will be only one gearbox, and it won’t come...
  2. PeteB

    SL-C Video

    A couple of local automotive photographers are starting their own on-line magazine. The first feature they're doing is on my SL-C. They're still working on the full video, but they just posted a nice trailer Shutterfuel - 480HP. 2500 LBS. HAND BUILT. ALL SUPERCAR...
  3. D

    Marauder lola

    Anyone out there have or are working on a Marauder Lola T70? Thanks Don
  4. ckouba

    Gravity Racer, take II

    The lunacy is starting again. Last year I (quite casually) chronicled the build of my entry for the Portland "Adult" Soapbox Derby in this thread, and cutting to the chase, WE WON!! This year, instead of tuning up the winner, I have decided to actually just build another one from scratch...
  5. E

    Hello from Florida

    Thanks for letting me join. I don't have a GT40 yet :-) but I am in the hunt for one. I used to be a true blue Ford guy. Back n the 70s I had Mustangs GTA, Machs, and even a 68 500KR in my single Navy days (that would spin up the restorers what I did to it back then for street racing :-) )...
  6. B

    Reinventing the Wheel

    For the next mission to Mars (or the Moon), NASA is working on developing a new type of wheel.
  7. F

    T70 Video

    Here is a link to footage of my RCR Lola T70 taken at a recent Portland Cars & Coffee (World of Speed Museum). Lola T70 Replica In Detail - YouTube So far, so good. Car runs well, nothing has fallen off. Stays fairly cool even in traffic. BTW...I am working on an extensive collection...