2024 Reunion, extra track day?

We have had inquiries about more track time at Pitt Race for the 2023 GT Reunion. The ideal setup would be Monday July 29th, however the track is booked with a motorcycle event that precludes the GTs joining in. We can get the track to ourselves on Wednesday July 24th. This will allow us to have exclusive use of the track all day with full services, i.e. corner crews, emergency crews, etc. You could expect up to three hours plus of track time in sessions of 20-40 minutes.

As the track is 2.8 miles, a decent number of cars can be on track at one time. Paddock space will be available at no cost, and garages also may be rented.

The host hotel, Marriott Pittsburgh North will extend the special rates we have forward for those who need a room.

Looking like $450-500 per car for the full day, additional cars with the same driver will be about half that rate. Tech inspection will be required as well as approved helmets and basic safety equipment.

Need to gauge interest in this possibility. We will need 50-75+ cars to make this financially possible. This is not a "for-profit" track day, just need to ensure we don't go way upside down.

Please register your possible interest at [email protected]