300 ZX project

Hello guys, I have started a new project with my good mate Kelvin who helped me a lot on the M20 McLaren.
This is a Nissan 300ZX with a twin turbo 3.0L V6. One of the rules Kelvin laid down was this is not a 12year project and we hope to have it ready for the next summer season which is 6 months away.
First job is a 12 inch motor set back and some after market race suspension, I want it to look like the set back is part of the car and as such the stock tunnel and fire wall are retained and once welded back in will be dressed up to look like part of the original floor we also get to keep the stock G/Box mount.
We have gone for 18" wheels same as the IMSA cars used and I originally wanted to build it to replicate the IMSA GTO that Steve Millen ran in the early 90s but that would have broken the 12 year rule so that's not happening. I will post photos as we progress and I hope it will be of interest to you.

Cheers Leon


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