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  • How much for a set of uprights? What calipers do they use? I would also like a vented rotor as I plan on driving it hard.
    Hi Leon I like the rear uprights you made for John's project. What would you want for a pair of rough castings? Would they be ok to accept Corvette bearings & axles etc ? I've a mate that can do the machining. Would love to do a M1 or a Lola t70. Had to do a welded mod. on the bearing carriers for my Lotus. Because I couldn't find any that seemed to fill the bill.
    Cheers Mike
    Leon, I would like pictures! What geometry are you using? I know there has been some advancements on moder cars to improve scrub and akerman that greatly improves handling and driveability. Rod. P.s. I just found your message too for some reason I didn't see it earlier?
    Hi John, if I had a bell housing to go off I could probably make and adapter. I have already made a pattern for the std Chevy B/H to bolt to my case, Does the LS 6 spd have a seperate B/H or is it cast in the trans like most of the Jap stuff nowdays

    Cheers Leon.
    Hi mate, just checking in to say i haven't forgotten, hopefully i will be able to send you some money next moth if all goes to plan, i have a question though, bell housing, what bell housing will i need, the stock LS 6 speed or will i have to get a custom one made.

    cheers John
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