900 miles in three weeks

I took delivery three weeks ago of mk 2 gt40p2124 427fe (1966 new old stock 427 sideoiler short block completed by Kieth Craft)At Dennis Oltoff's shop in n.c. and due to some unseasonably good weather have driven close to 900 miles. For those of you who are waiting for your car's I can assure that you will not be disapointed ! My spf cobra was the love of my car life untill the gt 40 and now it sadly has taken the role of ex-lover. The car is incredible in many way's however probably the most remarkable attribute is the ride. The ride is as good as my 2005 mustang gt and the car is actually more solid and less prone to rattle than my mustang. The car responds to road rises and dips with incredible stability. The sound and fury of the fe has converted this small block lover to a big block guy. I have a 351 stroker in my cobra that I love, a 347 stroker in my gt 350, a 351 cleveland in my panterra, a 347 with nitros in my maverick, a procharged 500 hp 2005 mustang, a 630 hp 514 in a 39 ford and I love them all dearly however these motor's have also become ex-lovers. This car goes where you steer it, it does not oversteer or understeer it simply goes where directed. I have been on VIR with my cobra at track events and have been on Hallet in Okla. with my cobra and my 65 GT350R mustang, they are great cars however not in the class with the mk2. The acceleration is breathtaking a friend of mine said he had only experienced acceleration like that in a plane being shot off a carrier. I have a couple of things I need to work out yet I get gas fumes in cabin at times and I am not sure what is causing this. I have consulted with Dennis Oltoff on a couple of things that I think need to be addressed and he has aready addressed a couple of them and is looking at a couple of other items I have told him about. I suggest that you do not get the mirrors mounted untill you are in the car and directing someone for placement. I also strongly suggest that you check all chassis and motor bolts and nuts every 100 miles or so untill you are satisfied that they are stabil. wow this has turned out to be a very long post I'll close good luck guys I hope I have wheted your appeitite.
jerry d gt40p2124
these things are fun aren't they. My CAV gets some fumes in the cabin at stop lights also,I assume it is from some leaking slip joints and it is creeping in from the tunnel. I am going to address that this winter. My Kirkham has a 427so and I know what you mean about power. I had a 351 cleveland in my last cobra and it was not in the same league as the 427. My CAV has a 302 and although it is quick and handles awsome ,it does not have the same kick in the shorts as the cobra. I too am suprised at the solidness of these cars as I would have thought with the two clamshells things would be creaking alot,but none here either. Have fun