A new GT40 Enthusiast club representative for the Netherlands.

A new GT40 Enthusiast club representative for the Netherlands.

Some already know me and for most I will introduce myself.

I am JP, yes just JP. Really only my mother calls me by my full name.
52 by age and live with my wife Linda in the Netherlands.
I am a Dutchman. Wooden head, wooden shoes, wouldn’t listen. Well to be honest. I do listen but don’t take anybody’s advice for granted.
Indeed wooden shoes. But not driving the GT with it.

My wife and I are into Ford Capri’s for over twenty years. Buying projects, restore them bottom up and enjoy them on every occasion. We even build our own engines and ain’t shy to race them also.
That ending up with a variety of eight Capri’s from ’73 till ’80, from mild to extreme wild. That includes 1600GT and Supercharged V8 and anything between.
For winter daily’s we both drive a mk1 & mk2 Fiesta, and for the other months both our daily’s are 1100cc motorbike’s.
We even have some more classic motorbikes which came on our path as a project ending up as a fun bike for now and then. That includes a Superbike Yoshimura GS1000 and a GSX1100 (his & hers in that sequence).
It’s all classic here, no modern cars. We even don’t mind driving our Classic’s during winter and snow, even if it means tin worm gets its chance, resulting that I have to get the welder out sometimes to repair some rot.
They drove them all day in the seventies, so why shouldn’t we do it.

My wife was saving for years to buy a GT40 and finally after 18 years of saving she could afford a project. It’s a KVA “B” type chassis with a GTD mk2 body.
It took us both four years to fully build that car from ground up into a street legal, Dutch registered supercar. We had Covid quality time for two years speeding things up, both spending three days a week in the cave.

We met the GT40 enthusiast club several years ago at Silverstone Classic when we were attending with a Zakspeed Ford Capri 3.0 RS Special (one of the first 25 of just 100 road legal Zakspeed build Capri's). We experienced a warm welcome from very nice and helpful people and immediately blended in the club. So once or twice a year we were able to team up with the club at the next Silverstone Classic or at Spa Sixhours to have a great time, even while we were still in our build.

As sharing information is the key in building a GT40, as it is with any classic car. We got lots of information from several club members all around the globe.
That resulting in our finished GT40 but also non club members finding me and contacting me for detailed information to help in their builds.
By my knowledge, there are three road legal GT40’s in the Netherlands, a GTD, a CAV and our KVA. There’s at least a race ready Gelscoe GT40 (David Hart) and a race ready SPF (van Laarhoven) and one hidden genuine GT40 up north in the Netherlands and I know of three projects going on.

At the moment don’t expect club meetings in the Netherlands, but let’s start being a point of contact to share information that’s helps building, maintaining and driving the GT40 in the Netherlands and Belgium and further.

Best regards JP


Doc Watson

Lifetime Supporter
Welcome JP, and my mother only called me Andrew when I was in trouble! I'm sorry for the '...and nobody mention the 3rd progression hole..' reply to your 48IDA thread ;-)

Have you got pictures of the restoration and have you considered documenting it here in the build logs? I know it would be a retrospective build (the car looks stunning BTW, love that single vent at the front) but would be nice to see what you did and also would help other KVA owners here.

Finally what engine/gbox is in the car and how often does the wife let you drive HER car?