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Wanted to clarify some of the changes we’ve made in our marketing strategy and production approach. We brought back the name we started using when we first got into the GT Replica segment back in ‘06/07. Those that have been following us all along know there were problems early on, personal, economic (had our tooling all in place just in time for the 2008 Bank Bailout) Perfect timing.
We rode out the storm, survived and I start seeing some life out there. I missed an exit and got off at the next one here in the Cleveland area and there’s a brand new Porsche dealership. Carerra’s and Cayenne’s lined up as far as I could see, I say to myself, what is this? Doesn’t look like an economic collapse to me. Having worked at Stoddard back in my day I’m curious to what this was all about, I jump on the internet to find out Penske bought up the 2 Porsche Audi dealerships here, obviously figuring with his demographics that a new stand alone Porsche store would work. This piquing my interest I continued to poke around and find Factory Five debuting their Suby powered 818 and being well received at SEMA that year. So I started praying figuring out what to do and I felt the Lords leading in firing the GT business back up. All the molds and fixtures were sitting, so we did. We managed to get a roller to Carlisle that following May. That was all it took and we came home with an order and we’re back in business.

While we’ve been operating under the parent company Active Power getting things wound back up, we’ve just delivered roller # 35 last week, we’re making plans in anticipation of the new low volume legislation. We decided to bring back the original name. We’re officially building our replicas now under the GT Reproductions banner. Hope this ends any confusion.

In other news, We are also setting up a new facility in Florida. We have fiberglass and metal fabrication underway in Melbourne and an assembly shop in the Tampa area. We have several of our cars in Florida and realized setting up another production cell there could make sense. Stay tuned on that.
We now have available the Chevron B16. We’re excited about that because we’re hoping to tap into the tuner scene. The original had a 4 Cylinder Cosworth BDA or a BMW 2002 engine primarily. The potential for the modern power plants along that theme is obviously endless and possibly an entry level, less intimidating Vintage racer will be received. We’re building one now with probably a 4V Twin Cam Chevy Ecotec engine. The dune buggy guys are using a unit that seems a perfect match to follow the pattern of the Cozzy of the day.
Want to thank everyone for your support over the years. We’re obviously a smaller outfit with not a lot of fanfare but we’ve been plugging away and things are good. The pictures keep coming in of customers progress and completions. In this business we say “we’re planting trees” it’s true, it take time for the fruit to manifest but it’s worth the wait. Last but not least, thanks to Ron for keeping the flag flying for all of us! Not easy we know, we appreciate you Ron.
Chris Ardern
GT Reproductions
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Randy V

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Great to hear from you Chris!
All the best wishes from us here on going forward!
Hey Chris you might want to take a look at Slack Motorsports...He's selling his stuff..

Looks like he might be in your neck of the woods
Thanks everyone! We will be getting the B16 pictures up soon. Working through everything now. That 962 project would sure be interesting but the thought of that right now makes my head spin. I was around those cars in iMSA when they first came out, they changed everything again. Porsche had a way of doing that.
Hey Chris you might want to take a look at Slack Motorsports...He's selling his stuff..

Looks like he might be in your neck of the woods
That is impressive. wow