Best SUV?

From this side of the Atlantic the Porsche Macan seems to be getting the best reviews. Or a Volvo XC90. I had a Q5 and it’s very nice as long as you don’t actually go off roading. If you do want to go off roading then you’re really into the Range Rovers, vogue/velar etc.

If it was me I would have the Raptor!
This weekend's newspaper had a nice review of the new, AWD Jaguar E-Pace, which is slightly smaller than the F-Pace which came out last year (the article says the F-Pace doubled Jaguar's sales).

Had one as a loner... loved it but small for trunk space. Drove the P-Cayenne, didn't like it. Felt big and bloated

Family member has new Audi Q5, it is wonderful. Has enough power, rides well, enough room. Only issue is that is all kinds of beeps and chimes. Pulling into the garage makes a ton of noise because of the parking sensors. Overall that is a pretty minor issue.