1. D

    Mark II and Mark IV component suppliers

    A curious question, who supplied the brakes and shock absorbers? This is my firstpostand it's nice being here. Thanks
  2. D

    Mk1 vs Mk2 Mono

    What exactly are the differences between a mk1 and mk2 mono in detail would be nice. I don't mind a long answer. Thanks
  3. F

    steering wheel

    I have a 2006 CAV and wondering if anyone knows where to get a nice black steering wheel with raw aluminum center pc that will fit?
  4. M

    Hello from Germany

    I subscribed almost one year ago and got already a lot of information out of this forum. Thank you all for this. Recently I wasn't strong enough not to purchase a very nice ready to drive TSC. Some of you will alredy know this beauty. Kind regards, Peter
  5. MHNCO

    Best SUV?

    Been shopping for a new SUV for the better half. Have driven the Audi Q5, SQ5, Merc GLC, Lexus 350/450 F Sport, Acura RDX/MDX. Last night decided to go look at the Ford and Lincoln offerings. I was hoping for better. They both felt years behind Audi/Lexus/Merc. Do people really want a loud seat...
  6. D

    RCR XJ13 article in Reincarnation

    Nice writeup: Jaguar XJ13 replica | ReinCarNation Magazine
  7. B

    1030 Article

    GT40 1030 appears in an article (and on the cover) in the spring 2017 issue of "Mesh New England". Lots of nice photos by Josh Sweeney of Shoot for Details.
  8. PeteB

    Nice car on the Orafol Wraps page

    Bold, unique, and hella fast. Cincy... - ORAFOL Vehicle Wraps | Facebook ;)
  9. F

    sparco spx

    Does anyone know if this seat would fit in a GT-R? I have found info about seats in the superlite but not much on the GT-R. I realize the interior is much larger on the GT-R. The seat is the Sparco SPX. Looks like a nice seat for a GT-R. Sparco SPX Racing Seat*|*Free Shipping!