BRM wheels on Ebay


Found this interesting set of wheels on Ebay, don’t know if BRM ever made any aluminum wheels of this kind.

Seller’s description bellow.

One set of (4) Gulf GT40 BRM 10" & 14" wide x 15" diameter wheels. These wheels came off a factory Gulf GT40 team car over 15 years ago. I have owned several sets of BRM wheels and this is the first (and the only) set I have ever seen that were cast in ALUMINUM instead of magnesium! Please do not confuse these with the reproduction BRM wheels that have been made in the UK since the 1980's. These wheels have the 1960's (Aeroplane & Motor) trademark "AM" cast into the spokes. They also have the "scalloped" center hub and stepped spoke edges that are specific to the original GT40 BRM wheels (not the repro's).

I do not have any association with the seller at all.