Wheels and tires on SPF

I originally opted for Forgeline 18' front and 19" rear with Continental tires on them, but it occurs to me that I haven't actually seen the wheels and tires on a GT40 before so I don't know if that is the best expenditure. For the Roadster I had to go with 18" wheels to fit the larger Wilwood brakes that I wanted, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

Does anyone have pics of the Forgeline wheels Downforce Motorsports offers? Does anyone have this option on their car and if so how do you like them?

I would imagine there are plenty here with the 15" BRM style wheels and Avon CR6ZZ tires on them (I'm not getting the wide body), how do you like them? I can save $2500 by going with the 15" BRMs and Avons, but I don't know how the tires hold up, how they ride, and more importantly how available they are.

Post pics of the Forgelines if you have them!


Rick Muck- Mark IV

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My first personal SPF 40 had Yokohamas on it. Second car had fresh Avons, could not believe the difference. The Avons are light years better.

Brian Stewart
Just about to fit my second set of Avons on 15" wheels. Excellent tyres.
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I don't believe so. See attached printouts.

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Avons great on street and track for my purposes. The ride difference is big when going to a bigger rim and not in a good way.

I set up my car to ride a bit higher than is typical---while it hurts the look, I drive mine on real roads and don't want to cringe everytime an imperfection appears in front of me.