C5 T-70 updates

Steve - just out of curiosity, is this your first mid-engine build?
Long story, yes and no….I’ve done the crown-Corvair route a lifetime ago and remember the performance well.
This chassis was as cast off from another project(Falcon F7) that I saved from scrap…
Clean, strait, no-rust C5 corvette chassis that was castaway…
I work in the aviation industry so I do sheetmetal as play-time. I have a idea it will WAY overpowered and brutal on tires….
I’ll scale the car as things progress and see what happens. I have the ride-height set at 3.5” front & 4” rear now with overall height at 38” I have Indy car pedals, right hand drive rack and the little stuff all ready to go. My rollcage builder is screaming for me to drop it off so he can build a monkey cage, but sheetmetal I don’t rush, otherwise it will look it. I’m using 2024T3 for most everything to keep cracking at a minimum, and shooting solid fasteners everywhere. ALL the hardware is aviation grade close tolerance where I see fit keyed, or safety wired.
Worked on panel location and side-pod close-outs, now that I have the general location set, I can drill up vertical supports for the panel & box everything in. Side-pod covers I’ll cut pie-plate holes in like the original car had to access everything…