Calling Dan White!

I recently purchased a windshield from Dan. He was very upfront in saying it would take a long time and it did.

Dan did a great packaging job and was great to work with.

Howard Jones

Lenny, I bought two from him more than 15 years ago. They came in a big well built wooden box that I sent back to him. I would like to communicate with him again. I was wondering if you had contact information for him. You could PM it to me if you don't feel comfortable posting live.

In any case, thank you. H Jones.
I bought 3 from Dan about 12 years ago that came in a nice wood box( which they are still in while I get around to building my scratch built 40 with a 427 Ford SOHC engine with a new Ricardo transaxle I got from Ford Performance in 2005. You can't beat Dan's glass.

Dan Kasten

I am in need of a windshield for my GTD, my windshield has a de- lamination problem around the edges of it. I would love to get one in the U.S.A.

Howard Jones

Earl, That's funny. It's the same wooden box I bet. He told me a couple of years before you he would give me 50 bucks if I sent it back. Small world. Have you ever heard the story on why he had so many GT40 windshields?

Dan give me a week or so and I'll see if I can contact him and if he want's to sell any more windshields.
Hi Guys, Dan (a machinist by trade) had plans to build moncoque GT40 replicas. I made several sets of light covers for him as he was stocking up on parts. I gave him the tip that my replica's windshield was from Pilkington in South Africa. Turns out they still made/make? them and were not very expensive. He ordered in several windshields.