Cape Advanced Vehicles (CAV): Current Reputation / Build Quality

New member here and there's obviously a lot of info on CAV on this website (which I've reviewed in detail). I would, however, appreciate any insight into the current quality of their build, responsiveness to customer requests, ability to meet timelines, etc., etc.

From what I gather, alongside SPF, they appear to be one of the most prolific builders of GT40s. However, I have recently been burnt by a different restomod dealer (losing a six-figure deposit) and am, thus, looking for any recent validation on the CAV process (I can't stomach another loss of that size!).

Thanks all - Clive
Thanks, Bill. I'm not interested in a SPF at this time (my impression is that Rick is an SPF dealer and not CAV?).

Mike Pass

Give Geoff Taylor a ring at Taylor Automotive. He has recently done a lot of work on a later stainless steel mono car. He has worked on many GT40s and will be able to tell you his opinion on the CAV compared to many other types of GT40s.
Thanks, Lee - I did see that CAV. It's priced the same as a new build that will be custom-made to my specs (albeit with a 12-mo wait). Thus, I'm inclined to place a fresh order.

Any views on the current CAV operation? The majority of the commentary here is from 2021 or earlier.

Bill Kearley

Yes, Rick is SPF and highly recommended. As a Canadian and our import laws the way they are, a pain. I would like a SPF but go with RCR or Tornado . A lot would depend on your skill level.
Thanks, Lee - I'll reach out to Geoff.

Good to know, Bill. My skill level is low and I'll be buying a fully assembled vehicle. To date, my interactions with CAV have been positive but would just like further input on their credibility, process, etc.

Bill Kearley

This is all good in a sense that buying used and with a close inspection puts you in the drivers seat, so to speak.
As I make my own decisions I have only one ass to kick.
I have and older CAV (2006) that I recently acquired. It needed some sorting out, I reached out to Jordi, got a quick reply he directed me to who
I needed to talk to in the company ...super helpful. Got me what I needed faster than I hoped.

Hope this help.
Clive, DEFINATELY talk to Geoff Taylor before jumping in any direction, he has no bias to any make and is vastly experienced in all of the options. Its only a phone call but it may save you a lot of money and frustration. Frank Catt

Howard Jones

Clive. Be sure to check with your government motor vehicles or whatever they call it and be SURE you can register a brand new first-time registered car that was built and completed by a manufacturer from a kit. It will matter a lot what you tell them when you show up at the DMV with your paperwork. Be sure you know what you should say to them. I'm not saying commit fraud I'm just saying that they expect to hear you state the correct information. If you don't then it might get complicated depending on where you live.

This is something you cannot rely on a hotrod buddy, car salesman, manufacturer dealer, or anyone else to tell you. First read the law pertaining to custom-built, kit car, home-assembled, or specially constructed vehicles, first-time registration, or whenever your jurisdiction calls it. This will be all online on the state vehicle laws website. Then confirm it at your local DMV to be sure what you think it says is what they say it says

You can't do that in California for example. It must be at least partially home-assembled by the owner.
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