Carbon fiber rear scoop

Hey guys, thought I would post it here since it would get more visibility than in the For Sale section - mods please feel free to move/moderate as appropriate.

I made 2 extra carbon fiber skinned rear scoops just to get the practice in. They're up for sale at $500 + actual shipping. I'll use USPS priority w/tracking # and insurance. Unfortunately I don't have shipping charges as of yet but I imagine it would be in the $25-35 range due to the large size of the scoop. These are pics of one of the scoops, the other is the same - standard 3k 2x2 twill pattern. I used the wet layup technique and there's plenty of resin on there. The resin I use is West System's 105/207 "special clear" which, as far as I know, is the most UV stable stuff you can get. It's topped with some 2k clear - I haven't wet sanded/polished the clear but that's the next step if you want a glass smooth finish (has slight orange peel right now). I mostly sprayed the clear just so I could get a protective coating on there.

The scoop has 3x nuts bonded to the underside so you can attach it to your car via 3 1/4-20 bolts from underneath. I ran a thin strip of rubber between the scoop and bodywork to prevent rubbing on my car. The fit should be pretty spot on, I test fitted each to my car, presumably all our bodies are pretty close. However, some minor fitting may be required.

It's not likely I'll be making any more of these in the future - the process I use is just too labor intensive and now that I've got a full time job, time isn't what it used to be. Even at $500 there's not enough profit to make it worthwhile. I believe the aesthetic qualities of these pieces surpasses anything offered by the factory, IMHO. Please note - these are fiberglass scoops that have been covered in carbon fiber; they'll take a good amount of abuse and won't crack - they're not ultra light/thin. I've made a few pieces for another SLC builder, I'm sure they'd vouch for the quality if you'd like a second opinion/comparison.

Shipping turned out to be pretty expensive! I’ll split shipping with the next buyer at $35 for the remaining scoop.
Thanks for the feedback Mike! Sorry to hear about your shop, hopefully the insurance folks make you whole soon enough so you can get back into it!