Chris Amon RIP

Chris Amon: A Legend
Superformance and its dealers are saddened by the loss of Chris Amon, one of
the best Formula One drivers of his generation. Mr. Amon passed away from
cancer today at the age of 73. He competed in Formula One between 1963
and 1976, starting 95 races, taking five pole positions and finishing on the
podium 11 times. In 1966, Mr. Amon drove a Ford GT40 MKII to victory at the
24 Hours of LeMans with co-driver Bruce McLaren. Mr. Amon's passing comes
just after the 50th anniversary of that victory.
We are saddened by his passing, but proud to know that the last GT40 Chris
Amon drove was a Superformance GT40 MKII continuation clone of the exact
car he used to win at LeMans in 1966. The car was sold and completed by
Superformance Dealer Pathfinder Motorsports in Melbourne, FL for a
Superformance owner and friend of Chris Amon who wanted to build the car as
a tribute to Mr. Amon. This particular car was very special in that, not only was it
the last GT40 to be driven by Mr. Amon, but the car was meticulously prepared
to original specs by Holman and Moody under direction from Alan Petersen,
President of Pathfinder Motorsports. Some pictures of Mr. Amon with the car
are included below:
Also, here is a link to Chris Amon with the Superformance GT40 continuation
clone talking about driving the original car to victory at LeMans in 1966:
We at Superformance would like to pay tribute to Chris Amon and pass along
our condolences and prayers for the Amon family.
Superformance / Shelby Distribution, 6Autry,Irvine,CA92618
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