Construction / manufacture year?

Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a GT40 and would like to know if there is a way to find out the manufacturing year o this specific GT40. I have the car papers including the chassis number. I know from the history that it was exported from UK to US and a few years ago back to Europe. Would someone be able to help me? Thank you.

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Charlie M

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The answer to your question is, it depends. I purchased a body that is a replica of a 1966 Mkl. However, here in MA when a kit car/replica is registered and/or a title is applied for, the state assigns the year it was first titled as the year of manufacture. That's how it worked when I registered a Cobra replica back in 2002. The first time you register that kit in the US may work that way but it varies from state to state. I would check your DMV website.

Hi Charlie,
Thank you so much for your reply. This gives me a better understanding indeed. Do you think it is possible to find out when the car/replica was manufactured? I have the following chassis number: gt22190. The car is now registered in Switzerland for many years.
Unfortunately I don’t understand what is meant by DMV website. Im afraid Im not English native.
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It depends on the Manufacturer. As an example if that were a GTD unit that number would mean it was the 221 car built and that it was done in 1990.

Charlie M

Hi Padi,

Are you in the US or Europe? In the US, DMV is the Department of Motor Vehicles. Do the car papers you have list the original manufacturer? If you post that and your location perhaps others on this site could help you out.


Mike Pass

Hi Padi,
You will need to provide a lot more information to get the assistance you want. Where are you based? Where is the car? What does it say on the registration document? Post some pics of the car especially the front and rear chassis and suspension.
Hi, this is really helpful! Thank you ever so much. I am in Europe, Switzerland. I assume you are right with your explanation of 221st car built in 1990. I confirm the car is a GTD. I attach the document of the car.
Im so thankful for all your help. I really appreciate.


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